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Personalized Care Plans

Dr. Mac will tailor your care plan to fit your health goals. He believes that chiropractic care is beneficial not only when you are experiencing pain, but after the pain has been treated as well. As a result, you should expect to be visiting Dr. Mac up to three times a week when you are in pain.

Once you have reached your optimal health level, you can visit Dr. Mac 1 or 2 times a week in order to maintain your goal health level. Every 12 visits, you will be rescanned and reevaluated to ensure you are getting the best care possible. We accept most major insurance companies.

Walk-Ins, Consults and VIP Passes

Dr. Mac is happy to accept walk-ins and same day appointments. Additionally, he will always provide consults, which he requires every 12 visits. Many patients take advantage of MacDonald Chiropractic’s VIP Passes which include a consultation, examination, x-rays and an insight scan for $49.


Dr. Mac is trained in many different adjustment techniques, and he will likely use multiple different techniques to help you achieve your health goals. He encourages patients to get adjusted up to 3 times a week when you are experiencing pain, and 1 to 2 times a week to maintain optimal health levels once the pain has subsided.


MacDonald Chiropractic offers massage therapy to accompany and optimize the results of your chiropractic care. We offer massage, bodywork and somatic therapies, which can benefit chronic conditions, in addition to helping relieve stress and tension from everyday life. Talk to our front desk about our monthly massage memberships!

Schedule your visit with our practice today to learn about how a custom care plan can enrich your life, naturally.

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